Dear BSCswap Community,

We are going to open the LFI LP farming on Nov 17th 6 AM UTC +0, with a total 3,500,000,000 LFI allocation on 6 pools.

Details about LP farming

There are some updates made from previous announcement,

First, main LP pair will be switched from BAI to BNB to avoid any additional slippages while wrapping to BAI.

Second, we have excluded BSWAP LP since they are going to migrated Instead of going independent for now, new NFT project token will be able for staking with BSWAPV2 and LFI.

Third, We have decided to reduce the…

Dear BSCswap community,

After announcing the BSWAP token migration to a new smart contract according to the incident happened, we would like to announce that the new migration pool will be opened on Nov 16th 6 AM UTC+0 at

Please note that only the same amount of burned old BSWAP token will be credited as a new BSWAPV2 token in your account and you don’t need to press the harvest button to claim the new token. …

Dear BSCswap community,

We would like to postpone the LP farming for LFI until the BSWAP token could be migrated to the new contract

Instead, we would like to open the LFI to LFI Staking pool with 5,000,000,000 LFI allocated on the pool on Nov 13th, 6 AM UTC +0.

Same with BSWAP staking pool, 1 year reward halving schedule with 5% harvest & unstake fee will be applied.

Thank you.

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Dear BSCswap community,

During the open for a new staking pool for BSWAP token, one of our developers has accidentally burned 50,000 BSWAP tokens by sending BSWAP to the wrong pool address

According to the smart contract of the token and the pool that locked the 50,000 BSWAP tokens forever, there is no way that the pool can either distribute 50,000 BSWAP token rewards or could be withdrawn by anyone including the developers of BSCswap.

Since it is stuck on the contract forever, we have decided to open a migration pool on the foreseeable future with the…

Dear BSCswap community,

We are glad to inform you that BSWAP staking pool will be opened tomorrow on Nov 11th 6 AM UTC +0.

You can stake BSWAP to earn interest on BSWAP token. Like the Proof-of-Stake, it will give you more BSWAP tokens if you stake more.

About 50,000 BSWAP ( 50% from the total supply ) will be allocated for BSWAP sole staking pool with 1 year halving schedule to ensure long term staking of BSWAP.

Also, there will be 5% of the harvest & unstake fee to burn BSWAP tokens.

LFI is also building the new BSWAP…

Dear BSCswap Community

We are pleased to announce that we have gathered more than 500K$ on $BSWAP presale, marking one of the biggest decentralized token presales on Binance Smart Chain.

We have worked hard to list LFI on many good Centralized Exchanges. However, due to the high requirements of listing fees, we would like to ask for some help from the community to secure the funds.

Therefore, we will open the Presale for LFI on Nov 9th, 11 AM UTC+0. A total of 1 Billion LFI ( 10% of the total supply ) will be allocated for the presale pool…

Dear BSCswap & Binance Smart Chain community,

To announce the successful BSWAP token sale with more than 350K$ collected, we decided to distribute more BSWAP supply to the community as a gift.

On Nov 8th, 3 PM UTC +0, we will open Community Presale Pool for CAKE, BURGER, THUGS, and DRUGS with the following allocation of BSWAP.

350 BSWAP = CAKE Staking
350 BSWAP = BURGER Staking
150 BSWAP = THUGS Staking
150 BSWAP = DRUGS Staking

On the date, you will be able to stake tokens on

Note that harvesting BSWAP will be opened on Nov 11th, 6…

Dear BSCswap community

On Nov 7th, 3 AM UTC +0, you will be able to purchase BSWAP using WBNB ( You must wrap your BNB to WBNB on BSCswap first ), and BAI ( You can wrap BUSD, USDT, and DAI into BAI on ) .

Note that there is no fixed price for BSWAP. Like farming, if you deposit more WBNB or BAI for purchase earlier, you will receive more BSWAP tokens depending on the amount deposited for the sale.

5,000 BSWAP has been allocated for BNB token sale, and 5,000 BSWAP has been allocated for BAI…

Dear BSCswap and LOA Protocol community,

Since the postpone of the LFI Yield Farming, we have completed building the new BSCswap Stable platform to support wrapping various stablecoins ( BUSD, USDT, DAI ) into BAI Stablecoin,

And we would like to announce the adjusted time schedule for opening LFI Farming Pools,

Here is the supported LP tokens for farming LFI

2,150,000,000 LFI — LFI/BAI BSCswap LP Token ( 25x ) 258,000,000 LFI — BNB/BAI BSCswap LP Token ( 3x ) 258,000,000 LFI — BTC/BAI BSCswap LP Token ( 3x ) 258,000,000 LFI — ETH/BAI BSCswap LP Token ( 3x…

In order to participate in the farming with BAI Stablecoin, you need to wrap your stablecoins ( BUSD, USDT, DAI ) on BSCswap Stable & LOA DeFi platform first.

Here is the guide for doing it

1. Access to LOA DeFi platform, and then approve your stablecoin to wrap


AMM now available for Binance Smart Chain

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