Announcing BHC burn pool for BNB, opening on Oct 15, 6AM UTC +0

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Today, we are announcing that our new BHC BurnPool will be live on Oct 15, 6AM UTC +0.

With the partnership of BillionHappiness, we have listed BillionHappiness ( BHC ) on our DegenSwap LaunchField and we have seen the organic increase of the size of BHC community as well as the BSCswap community.

As a reward for that, we are giving away 100 BNB for the holders of BHC and will grant more if the community wants. You will be able to burn your BHC for BNB when the pool opens on Oct 15, 6AM UTC +0. Please note that 100% of your staked BHC will be deducted at the time of deposit and you can only collect rewards in BNB without withdrawing any staked BHC.

Thank you and happy farming!

About BurnPool: BurnPool is a unique farming pool that BSCswap has developed, similar to swap, it will give more benefit than just swapping for BNB if the pool has more liquidity than swap.

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