Announcing BSWAP token migration opening on Nov 16th to Nov 30th

Updates on BSCswap V2

  • Due to the low APY on BNB on lending platforms ( less than 1% interest currently ), we will not integrate Lent BNB or move our exchange smart contract for BSCswap V2 upgrade.
  • Due to the complex environment and some slippages made while changing stablecoins into BAI, we will not use BAI for our main trading pair and it will be reverted to BNB, which is currently being used by many other exchanges like PancakeSwap and BurgerSwap.
  • A new governance portal for BSCswap V2 will be available with voting support after we open the farming for BSWAPV2
  • Trading Fees wouldn’t be changed and will remain at 0.3% since we are not going to upgrade our smart contracts due to the existing liquidity on BSCswap platform
  • We will start buyback of BSWAPV2 with the collected 0.05% fees from market orders from BSCswap once the token migration is complete.
  • Decentralized Launchpool ( aka LaunchField ) has already been migrated from DegenSwap
  • The audit schedule will be rescheduled due to the recent events that happened from a different project. Until them we consider our contracts safe as possible since there were no incidents happened from the contract itself since the launch.
  • New NFT platform will be coming to BSCswap with the lottery support.
  • New Prediction betting platform coming to BSCswap. Note that this will be the first Prediction platform for Binance Smart Chain.
  • We are also looking forward to connect the liquidity directly from Ethereum.

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