Announcing Community Airdrop for New Yield Farming token

DegenSwap is thrilled to announce a new Yield Farming pool program called Launchfield, with the ability to farm non-rug-pull tokens in a single platform.

Today, there will be 2 tokens offered for farming with DEGEN and the other 3 pairs. One token will be offered as an airdrop token in the same manner with the recent DEGEN airdrop, but in the extended size.

10,000 people will receive the airdrop and half of the airdrop supply will be allocated to the farmers who farmed DEGEN with the liquidity provided on DegenSwap. ( So that the farmers could receive more airdrops ).

Here is the list of Farmers who will go to receive an airdrop in the new token.

Another half of the supply will be allocated to expand our community. There will be an exclusive announcement on our Telegram Channel for how to receive an airdrop and the airdrop will be made on our TG channel ONLY.

We wish you a successful farming experience.

Update) We have also included the holders for DEGEN token as well

AMM now available for Binance Smart Chain

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