Announcing DegenSwap Project, a new Innovation Zone for BSCswap

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Inspired by the Innovation Zone program by Binance, We are announcing our new twin exchange,, exclusively for listing new Binance Smart Chain projects.

Recently, we have focused listing new projects on BSCswap however the community had great losses with the unproven tokens, they often resulted in rug pulls and the community asked for the dedicated trading zone where they can bet with the new BSC projects that they aren’t listed on other swaps or exchanges so far.

Therefore, we had no choice but to change the listing manner more conservative for, and more progressive for comes with a warning sign for new projects listed. There might be some unproven, suspicious projects listed on the however some may find more interest in the projects just like the excitement coming from volatility coming from new altcoins.

Also, will support new, good projects and give them more focus from the community as they are proven as a good token to trade. Projects which accumulated enough reputation from the community will have a chance to be listed on as well.

Following the launch of the platform, there will be a new governance token dedicated to the new platform as well. Although, we have already announced that the BSCswap ( BSWAP ) governance token will be launched for the governance of, before we launch them we will introduce the Degenerates ( DEGEN ) token for the community governance of the platform for sure.

About 14% of the supply of Degenarates ( DEGEN ) tokens have been distributed for the users of and it is already actively traded on New Yield Farming will be started with a total of 10 pairs on . More announcement will be made for the yield farming of DEGEN tokens before it starts.

Degenerates ( DEGEN ) token will be a new innovator of DeFi market as well as the platform. Total supply will be only 10,000 DEGEN tokens and the 14% of the tokens have already been distributed in a fair manner while the rest will be allocated for Yield Farming. There will be no team shares, founder rewards, premine, vc, or investor allocation for the token. The token will also give the exclusive chance to farm the upcoming BSCswap ( BSWAP ) governance token with the new exciting feature coming to the platform.

DegenSwap is the new Decentralized Exchange of the Degens, by the Degens, for the Degens.

AMM now available for Binance Smart Chain

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