Announcing the BSWAP token migration to new smart contract

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Dear BSCswap community,

During the open for a new staking pool for BSWAP token, one of our developers has accidentally burned 50,000 BSWAP tokens by sending BSWAP to the wrong pool address

According to the smart contract of the token and the pool that locked the 50,000 BSWAP tokens forever, there is no way that the pool can either distribute 50,000 BSWAP token rewards or could be withdrawn by anyone including the developers of BSCswap.

Since it is stuck on the contract forever, we have decided to open a migration pool on the foreseeable future with the new token contract. Please note that the change ratio of old BSWAP token : new BSWAP token will be 1:1.

We will let you know when we finalize the plan for migration.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience that happened.

Thank you.

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