Announcing the LaunchField program and the yield farming offering for $BHC and $EARTH token

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Dear DegenSwap community.

We are proud to announce the LaunchField program where you can exclusively stake your DegenSwap liquidity tokens for farming new BEP20 tokens.

$BHC and $EARTH token will be served as a first-day Yield Farmed tokens and you will be able to stake your DegenSwap Liquidity Provider tokens to earn reward.

Farming will be live on on Oct 7th, 6 AM UTC +0

Total 90% of the Token Supply (90,000 BHC) will be offered for farming.

22,500 BHC for BHC/BNB pair, reward halving every week

22,500 BHC for DEGEN/BNB pair, reward halving every week

22,500 BHC for EARTH/BNB pair, reward halving every week

22,500 BHC for BUSD/BNB pair, reward halving every week

5% of the staked LP token will be deducted as a PoS pool fee and will be used for CashBacks on, promotion, buyback and burn, audits, server maintenance fee, investment for the new project.

There will be no founder shares, dev shares, or any kind of token holdings from dev. Also, there will be no dump from devs either.

There is no mint function for the token contract for devs to issue new supply. (It has been disabled by the TX ). The token supply is capped as a 100,000 BHC tokens, see also on BscScan page

Unlike the DEGEN farming, there will be no requirement of the 1 DEGEN to stake the supply and every pool will be available to stake at the time of start. However, due to ensure enough liquidity provided, there will be a temporary 24 hours lock for withdrawing LP tokens and rewards.

Details for the $EARTH token farming will be announced soon.



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