Announcing the $MOON Yield Farming with $USDT

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Dear DegenSwap community,

Our MOON token airdrop has officially concluded and you can see your address on the list of

Farming $MOON token with $USDT will be started on Saturday, October 10, 2020 3:00:00 PM. The allocation for the pool is 0.2 MOON out of 0.5 MOON and there will be a temporary block of $MOON withdrawals of 48 hours from the start of the yield farming to build a better price. However, you will be able to unstake your $USDT anytime you want.

The 5% of the USDT you have staked will be deducted as a pool fee like any PoS or PoW mining pools, they will be used for the development of the token including buyback and burns, audit fees, server costs, hiring more developers, community airdrop, etc.

There will be no further distribution of the token during the first 48 hours of the yield farming therefore there will be no price created for the first 48 hours.

Thank you and enjoy the happy farming experience

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