Announcement to burn 530 $DEGEN tokens out of 1924 $DEGEN tokens.

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Dear DegenSwap community,

Due to the high impermanent losses for offering staking for LP tokens with BNB pairs, we have decided not to enable the pools described on the other than DEGEN/BNB and have burned the fee account for the Pool contracts so that they couldn’t be enabled forever.

Leftover DEGEN rewards on the abandoned pools will be considered as a burn state and this will make the current DEGEN supply from 1924 $DEGEN to 1394 $DEGEN. Note that this was possible since there was a bug for DEGEN staking contract ( have been fixed since BHC staking contract ) that requires staking some amount from the fee account in order to activate pools. If the contract has not received any staking from the fee account, no one can stake and claim rewards in $DEGEN tokens so the tokens are locked permanently on the contract since no one could withdrawal those tokens.

Also please note that there will be a future pool for DEGEN holders to stake their DEGEN tokens to earn EARTH token. An announcement will be made soon.

Thank you.

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