Binance Chain Wallet now supported on BSCswap & LaunchField

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Dear BSCswap & DegenSwap community,

After hard work with the Binance Chain Wallet team, we are proud to announce that BSCswap is the first to support Binance Chain Wallet as a Binance Smart Chain application among others.

We have tried to integrate the Wallet support according to the guidance However, we found some API calls not compatible with other web3 injected browser extension for Binance Chain Wallet so we have worked with them to make it compatible and the new version of the Binance Chain Wallet ( 1.108.2 ) will now support Decentralized Applications over Binance Smart Chain with the compatibility of other Ethereum DApp browser extensions like Metamask or a mobile Wallets like Trust Wallet or MathWallet.

We have also open-sourced and published the nodejs module of the connection library used for Binance Chain Wallet and our main Swap interface, if you are a developer of other Swap application you will find the integration very easy with our module published on NPM and the source code of the integration .

Please check and download the latest version release of Binance Chain Wallet in order to use it with the BSCswap interface. Following is the download link for FireFox and Chrome browser.

With Binance Chain Wallet transfer between BEP2 and BEP20 assets are possible and also you don’t need to supply the configuration for Binance Chain Wallet, unlike Metamask. Also, Binance Chain Wallet supports both Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain so you will find them useful if you use them both.

Currently, supported applications are following



DegenSwap LaunchField:

Also, BSCswap Pro support for Binance Chain Wallet is upcoming and will be announced in a few days.

Thank you.

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