BSCswap Pro, a customizable AMM solution for Professionals, goes live

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Wising you having a good time for mid-autumn holidays!

Today, we are announcing that our new AMM platform for customized liquidity provision solution, BSCswap Pro is now on the live state for both Binance Smart Chain mainnet and testnet.

It was inspired by a concept of Balancer Protocol allowing to customize the weight of the liquidity pool. Similar to Uniswap AMM, the weight of the pool could be customized to hedger the risk from the certain token’s price volatility.

Now, you can start deploying your own liquidity pool for BEP20 tokens on Also, similar to BSCswap, BSCswap Pro Pool will give you BSCswap Pro Pool Token as a Liquidity Provider token that allows staking your provided liquidity for other yield farming projects.

If you are a Yield Farming project developer now it is your chance to drop the risk from price volatility by creating a new BSCswap Pro 98/2 Pool that minimizes the impermanent losses from price changes. Similarly, it can be used for liquidity providers willing to provide the liquidity for certain BEP20 tokens however willing to hedge the risk using stable coins and customized weights on pools.

BSCswap Pro also provides a convenient UI to swap tokens using the liquidity of the pool. Main URL is

Detailed documentation for the BSCswap Pro will be provided soon!

Thank you!

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AMM now available for Binance Smart Chain

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