How to use BSCswap on Trustwallet

Many participants of our community asked how to use Trust Wallet with BSCswap, so here is the official guide to introduce you to how to use it.

First, you need to download the Trust Wallet app from Google Playstore

Please note that you must install the specific version of TrustWallet for IOS support, learn why and how here

Second, setup the recovery codes and make sure to backup them in a safe place. Not your keys, not your coins

just for example don’t use those :(

Third, receive some BNB BEP20 coins from, you can also top-up some BEP20 tokens like USDT or BTCB

Fourth, click the DApp browser icon on the bottom 2nd, and then access

How To Swap

If you have accessed from your Trustwallet app, now you could make some swaps happen

First, set an amount and the token to swap from / to

For example, we are swapping 0.0001 BNB for 0.002 BUSD

Second, click on Swap and approve the spendings

If you have submitted the blue button, you can see your transaction submitted

Wait till it gets a confirmation, usually, this takes about 3~10 seconds

How to add liquidity

You can also participate in the Yield Farming event by providing the liquidity ( some projects like MILK Protocol , BFI , Beefy.Finance already provides the opportunity to stake BSCswap LP tokens that you receive from providing liquidity to specific pairs )

First, click Pool and set the amount to add the liquidity.

Note that you are only allowed to provide the liquidity on 50:50 ratio of two base / pair tokens. For example if you are going to provide liquidity in BUSD/BNB pair you must hold the equivalent amount of two tokens in value.

Second, allow your token to spend for adding liquidity, and provide the liquidity, earn LP tokens as a bond of the liquidity

Now, you could see your pooled liquidity after confirmation on the blockchain

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