Recap of our listing policy, a story behind DegenSwap and BSCswap, and the 1500$ airdrop per person.

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This is the recap of our DegenSwap launch and the airdrop of DEGEN token, a story that how we decided to give 1500$ worth $DEGEN airdrop per each victim of $MANGO, $CZ, $SAFU, $FUNDS incident.

Until we launched DegenSwap, we tried to support as many as Binance Smart Chain based projects as possible since the ecosystem was small and the projects were new.

Here are the previous announcements for new listings made from our twitter account.

We have made more, however, we have only uploaded some announcements on our Twitter to make more engagements.

Although some listed tokens executed the so-called rug pull ( dumping huge shares to investors and exit scam ), it wasn’t a big problem since there was a little engagement for them. Until we found that there was an ongoing hype of $SAFU token and we decided to list them since many of our community asked ( You can search them on ), and since there was a big hype created by someone on twitter as well.

The listing announcement of $SAFU and related tokens were made after the alleged shiller started to spam about $SAFU 1 day ago before listing made and since we couldn’t examine every new project we have decided to list them based on the community’s trust.

However, like the previous $BAMP or $BEBE token incident, $SAFU and related tokens did a rug pull and dumped the shares to the investors, and ran without notice.

After then we noticed the community delist the alleged tokens and then everything turned bad, people lost trust in our new tokens listing and it went the same with the alleged shiller also.

After then, we decided to build a twin exchange and twin token for BSCswap with the community vote, letting users to bet on new tokens without having trust.

Also, we have offered an airdrop to the victims as well, we created the DEGEN token with more than 80% of the supply allocated for the airdrop for the victims, and then with the launch of DegenSwap platform as well as the DegenSwap LaunchField Staking Pool , the market cap of DEGEN token grow fast, almost similar with other major tokens like $BAKE.

Not only having a farming pool for $DEGEN but we also offered an airdrop as well as a buyback and burn event from the fees collected from LaunchField Pool and the fees collected from BSCswap. The largest single buyback was recorded of 20,000$ worth BNB tokens buying $DEGEN for burn.

Also, we have constantly executed a buyback for the listed tokens on LaunchField which created the instant pump of the price as well. 24,000$ for BHC, 9,000$ for EARTH, and 7,000$ for EARTH again

After creating many tokens based on airdrop and having enough community engagements as a starting journey of BSCswap, we have decided to open a BurnPool which is similar to swapping tokens to new ones in order to focus on the development of BSCswap V2.

As we have updated our BSCswap platform last night , we have re-enabled to add custom tokens just like you do on Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Therefore, there is no unique feature for DegenSwap right now as we are not going to differentiate the listing for both platforms as well.

The existing DEGEN token supply will be migrated till November 11th as we have allocated 0.2% of the BSWAP token supply for migration. This is same as any other tokens issued on LaunchField as well.

We have learned a lot for governing both DegenSwap and BSCswap and the future of current platforms will be on BSCswap V2 as well. With the community governance function implemented on V2, we hope there will be a bright future for the platform as well.

AMM now available for Binance Smart Chain

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