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Dear LOA Protocol and BSCswap community,

Before we disclose the detailed information of the upcoming LFI token, we would like to share some basic information about the token metrics of LFI for a better understanding of our community members.

About 2% of LFI tokens ( 199,771,946 LFI ) are in circulation from the airdrop campaign held for LOA ERC20 holders, our Telegram community, Twitter community, and the BurnPool stakers.

5% of additional tokens ( 500,000,000 LFI ) will remain on the cold wallet of LOA Protocol and will be in the reservation mode for future use. This doesn’t mean they would be spent in the near future or will be dumped on both Centralized and Decentralized Exchange as well, those supply wouldn’t be used to interfere with the trading experience for our community members. We will seek the opportunity for collecting fees from Exchange ( 0.05% for each taker trades ) , and 5% fees from Staking Pool and use them for the support of the development as usual.

93% of the supply ( 9,300,228,054 LFI ) will be distributed for the liquidity providers on BSCswap Exchange as well, About 30~40% of the supply will be allocated for the exclusive LFI/BAI pair to protect the price of LFI token, other supply will be allocated to many liquidity pairs supported on BSCswap as well, with the integration of the upcoming LFI Application on BSCswap V2, stakers will be able to enjoy double yields coming from the lending protocol as well as the staking reward for providing liquidity to the platform.

We are aiming to integrate the new LFI application with our exchange to provide a better experience for providing liquidity. It will take some time and we would like to ask the community to have some patience before we make the next announcement regarding the launch of the new LFI application as well as the next generation of AMM exchange with advanced bonding curves.

Thank you.

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