Updates on BSCswap UI & Listing policy

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Dear BSCswap community,

We would like to change the listing behavior of BSCswap and since then we have made some updates on our UI as well.

BEP20 Projects with the following conditions met will be listed on BSCswap

Also, with the launch of BSCswap V2, we will add another condition for BSCswap as well, for the token to be listed by default, it should have more than 50% of Yes vote on our upcoming governance portal.

We have also applied the blacklist function on https://bscswap.info to hide the delisted tokens and its pairs as well, you can still track the liquidity on BscScan at your own risk and add them as a custom token on https://bscswap.com at your own risk also.

We have also recovered the function to add custom token on https://bscswap.com however when adding the token by custom you must agree that the risk is solely yours, not the developers of BSCswap.

Thank you.

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